The key to CrossFit is training with INTENSITY. Intensity is a relative concept; what is intense for you will be completely different than what is intense for another person. The problem is that training any movement with intensity (not just CrossFit movements) can be taxing and problematic on your body if you are not primarily concerned with proper technique.

The 3 Class Basic Training Checklist (BTC) series introduces CrossFit movements, training methodology, nutrition and mobility. CrossFit movements are by nature safe, beneficial and functional. By focusing on proper technique, your learn to emphasize healthy movement patterns which translate to healthier joints, ligaments and muscles. We stress technique before intensity for all movements. Having a client perform any exercise (CrossFit or otherwise) with poor technique is like adding wear and tear to a vehicle by ignoring proper maintenance. Conversely, training with pain is like driving that vehicle with a known engine problem and choosing to ignore it. You're bound to break down sooner or later and will most likely have a more serious problem than if you had simply addressed and fixed the issues as they arise. Essentially, CrossFit is movement maintenance, and functional movements help identify movement compensation and unhealthy movement patterns. CrossFitting allows you to live a productive, healthy life; in motion. We work for healthy, pain free movement for every rep, every time. Learning to move takes practice, some patience and commitment. Only by practicing healthy movement principles (like joint Range-Of-Motion & core engagement) you are able to improve all other aspects of movement like speed, power, strength and stamina. Our professional, knowledgeable and inspiring coaches will help you lay the foundation for a quality, sustainable CrossFit journey. 

There are several ways to purchase The CrossFit Basic Training series:

Before choosing an option below, make sure to schedule your Free Intro Session. At your intro session, we can discuss your goals and which path is ideal for you:

$79 Basic Training Checklist: Small Group Classes Meet Monday and Tuesday evenings at 7:30pm, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00am and Saturdays at 10:00am. Additional times can be scheduled based on your availability. You will have 1 Month to complete the three BTC sessions. Once your BTC training is complete, use the remainder of your month attending Free Daily WOD classes, ROMWOD and Open Box. When your BTC membership is completed, you can choose a membership option that suits you.

Private Coaching: If you decide to do a series of Private Coaching (personal training) your coach may take you through the Checklist as you progress. Once you've completed your BTC training, you will have access to our WOD classes if you wish. 

Prepare for your classes by reviewing our curriculum beforehand: Download our BTC Curriculum