OVC "OPEN" Performance Challenge Returns in 2019!

As we begin to gear up for the 2019 CrossFit Games Open we are excited to announce the return of our OVC "OPEN" Performance Challenge!

This team based challenge will be scored with points being awarded on the basis of nutrition, attendance, performance, and Open participation.  

  • 3 WOD's will be tested during Week 1 and then performed again near the end of this year's Open to compare performance improvement.

  • Nutrition and body composition will be measured by utilizing 5 Star Nutrition's InBody Machine.

Points will be awarded to each athlete per team based on the following:

-  1 point per pound weight loss

-  1 point per percentage body fat loss

-  1 point per class attended during challenge

-  2 points per rep improvement on tested WOD's

-  5 points per successfully completed and submitted Open WOD

-  10 points per CrossFit Open Registration

-  10 points per CrossFit Judges Course Participation

-  Weekly "BONUS" Point Opportunities Announced

A cash prize will be awarded to the winning team, with additional prizes awarded for top performers and weekly throughout the Open.  

The best news of all is that this challenge will be completely FREE!

More details will be announced as we get closer to the start but for now please sign-up at the box or via the link below and commit to starting your year off on the right foot.