Comprehensive Blood Panel

Why getting a comprehensive blood panel is a good idea….

Do you know what is going on inside your body? Does your doctor have all the answers? Probably not.

Information is power. Taking control of your own health is the key to athletic performance, weight loss and generally feeling good EVERY day. It is our birthright. There are resources now to help you achieve what you want with your health.

If you desire overall strength and great body movement patterns. OVCrossfit is your best resource for that.

If you desire an increase in flexibility and peace of mind, come to one of the yoga classes that is offered.

If you desire to know that your thyroid and liver are functioning optimally? Contact

This health resource checks specific or overall bio-markers that you cannot see, and possibly not feel. Did you know that there is a test called IGF-1? This is your growth hormone surrogate. This measures how well your body can produce muscle and burn fat.

Did you know that there are actually eight bio-markers to test your thyroid function?

Medical doctors usually test one, maybe two. An imbalance thyroid function can be the reason why you have fatigue and trouble losing weight. High inflammation in the body not only promotes disease, but may be the reason why you’re not recovering well after a workout. The hs-CRP or high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein test measures the amount of inflammation in your body.

There are many more tests and panels that Wellnessfx can provide. Check out the website. Choose that plan that works the best for you. Find out what is going on INSIDE your body. Take control of YOUR health. Your body will thank you, trust me.


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