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JR Shortall

After being involved in various activities including baseball, hockey, and bodybuilding growing up, JR began CrossFit in 2012 and has not looked back. He enjoys all aspects of CrossFit, especially seeing people recognize the potential they have inside themselves. As with most of us he is always working on fighting that internal demon telling him to stop. JR is currently in charge of all programming for OVC.

- CrossFit Level 2 Trainers Certificate, CrossFit Mobility Certificate, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification, CrossFit Scaling Certificate, CrossFit Anatomy Certificate, CrossFit "Spot The Flaw" Certificate, CrossFit Lesson Planning Certificate

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Paul Krieger

A member of OVC since October 2012, Paul had never been very athletic prior to trying CrossFit. "I still to this day can’t fully describe how I felt leaving my baseline workout that day, but it was an eye opener and I was ready to get to work." Fast-forward to today and he can be found at 6am most mornings challenging both himself and others to make the most of their fitness and potential.

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certificate, CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Certification, CrossFit Scaling Certificate

Jessica Cook

Jessica began CrossFit at OVC in December 2013. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and a teaching certification from Wheeling Jesuit University. She has been very active in sports all her life but found herself hitting plateaus at the gym. After attending a few CrossFit sessions at the tarmac, she discovered the benefits of constantly varied movements. This experience allowed her to break through her sticking points and become stronger both physically and mentally. The community that OVC provides has given her motivation and drive to become better every day.

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certificate, CrossFit Scaling Certificate

Mike Kasper

Mike started Crossfit and has been a member of OVC since November 2013. It didn't take long before the community at OVC and the constant variation of the workouts had him hooked. He embraced how Crossfit teaches form and technique, as well as the sense of accomplishment felt after completing the WOD each day. As a coach he is constantly pushing others the achieve far past where they believe they are capable of going and lives by the philosophy that every day is another great opportunity to learn ways to make oneself better.

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certificate

Amy Krieger

Amy started CrossFit and has been a member of OVC since 2015.  As both a coach and athlete, she embraces one of CrossFit's primary philosophies of scaling and adaptation and believes that every individual of any ability level can participate and make a difference in their life.  Outside of the gym, Amy enjoys spending time with her husband and dogs and planning her next Disney trip.  

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certificate, CrossFit "Spot The Flaw" Certificate

Karalea Payne

Karalea has always enjoyed sports and being active. She joined Crossfit in the fall of 2014, with hopes to learn more about lifting and to get strong! Prior to that, she was primarily an endurance runner, with many half marathons and 5k races under her belt. At the time, she was a mom to two girls and wanted to find an activity she could pursue with them. Her husband also joined Crossfit at the same time and it became a family endeavor. Shortly after joining, they found out they would be adding another little girl to the mix..and she has grown up in the gym! Karalea has always had a passion for health, fitness, teaching and helping others. With a background in cardiac nursing, she’s seen first hand the detrimental results of an inactive lifestyle. Her passion for teaching kids and helping others compelled her to pursue her certifications to begin coaching kids in the summer of 2018. She’s recently also begun coaching adults and feels true joy to be able to help others learn to better themselves through the methods of Crossfit.

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certificate, CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificate

Jessica Maxwell

Jessica has loved being a member and part of the community at OV CrossFit since early 2014. Prior to CrossFit, she was an avid runner, enjoying half and full marathons along with any outdoor activity. She loves the varied workouts, constant change and the focus on overall health and wellness that CrossFit has provided in her life. During school she studied nutrition and dietetics and learned the importance of total body wellness. She loves watching people embrace wellness by showing their whole body love and attention.

As someone who is very passionate about the health and wellness of our younger generation, she has loved having the opportunity to run the CrossFit Kids program. It is an amazing program for children of all ages, allowing kids to learn how to move their bodies in a fun and functional way that their bodies crave. 

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certificate, CrossFit Kids Trainer Certificate

Brittany Hoffman

Brittany joined the OV CrossFit community back in 2016 and began coaching in 2018. She serves the community of Wheeling, West Virginia as a firefighter/EMT, directly utilizing her fitness on the job. The functional aspects of CrossFit have enabled Brittany to excel at her job and stay safe while performing her duties as a first responder. She is also a world ranked female competitor for the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge. Her best individual finish was 2nd in 2017 at the World Event.

As a coach and member of OV CrossFit, Brittany loves the community and seeing all of our clients improve. She understands that CrossFit is more than just a workout for most athletes. The community support at OVC has created a stress free environment full of friendships that she enjoys being part of.

- CrossFit Level 1 Trainers Certificate