You may be familiar with CrossFit and have an idea what CrossFit entails, or this sort of training may be completely new to you. Either way, we invite you to take some time to get to know us before committing to train with us long term. We are dedicated to integrity and ethical practices in all aspects of our company from our athletic programming, education and client relationships. Any trainer or program can push clients through grueling workouts. Just because a workout is hard, does not mean it is beneficial. Our CrossFit programming has the purpose of enhancing life through both immediate revitalization and long term longevity. We encourage you to experience Our Heart in all we offer, before joining our community.  

If you're new to CrossFit, please schedule your Free Intro Session, and complete our Basic Training Checklist. After you have completed the Basic Training Checklist (or its equivalent at a different CrossFit Facility), you will be able to choose a membership that is right for you. All OV CrossFit members have unlimited access to all Daily WOD, ROMWOD and Open Box classes.

Membership Prices:

$119/month - Individual Membership
$99/month - Family Membership (2 or more Family Members)
$99/month - Civil Servant / Military / Student Membership

*All membership options are setup on a monthly auto-pay to a credit card on file and require a 30-day notice prior to cancellation.  A $10 processing fee will be added to all memberships not billed to a credit card.

Please Contact us to set up your membership today!

Class Schedule:

We have a standard class schedule, but it can always be subject to change to due holidays or other events. Our regular class schedule is as follows:

Monday - Friday: 6 am, 9 am, 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm, 6:30 pm
Saturday - 8 am, 9 am
Sunday - Open Gym 1 - 3 pm

Check out our online schedule for the exact weekly schedule.