Modern humans move poorly and practice ineffective movement patterns which are detrimental to our health. Most of us have experienced some form of pain and tightness which can be potentially debilitating. At OV CrossFit we are focused on learning HOW TO MOVE by practicing functional movements. Functional movements are directly correlated to how we move in life. We are rewiring our bodies to function in patterns which optimize daily living and minimize the stress associated with our imperfect lifestyles. We are not bodybuilders - bodybuilders focus on isolating certain muscles to build bulk. We train our bodies using our bodyweight, kettlebells, barbells, medicine balls, sleds, dumbbells, ropes, and just about any other stimulus that mimics an obstacle we may encounter. What is pretty cool is that by training this way, we tap directly into our human potential. 

Physical integrity and personal integrity are inherently connected.
— Jonina Turiz

Friendships are formed as athletes are forged.

The community of CrossFit unites individuals in a unique bond. To be forged into a super-mover, one must check all ego at the door, channel integrity and focus, and make a conscientious decision to put forth their best possible effort - day after day. It is through consistency that we see physical adaptation, in addition to the inward cultivation of commitment, determination, focus and (ironically) stillness. We support one another in our efforts toward our highest potential. 


There is no physical test that one must pass to know they are ready for CrossFit. Some people begin their CrossFit journey with very limited cardiovascular ability, strength, range of motion and have acquired a burdensome amount of extra body weight. Others may be practiced in a sport (a great example is running), but lack some other important aspects of fitness like coordination and speed. Either way, CrossFit will ask you to "work on your weakness." By design, CrossFit is broad, general and inclusive which means that our specialty is not specializing. The focus of our programming is to develop our athletes across all 10 fitness domains; Strength, speed, power, stamina, coordination, cardiovascular endurance, agility, balance, flexibility and accuracy. Our need to be an unbiased in these domains is universal, however the degree in which athletes train will vary for each individual. 

CrossFit is not easy or simple.

To be physically competent to handle the challenges in life is no small endeavor. Here's some resources to help you on your journey;

Movement - How to move safely and effectively.
Fitness - What it means to be fit. Its definition, the supporting theories, and how to go about attaining it in real life.
Nutrition - Eat meat & vegetables, nuts & seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise, but not body fat.

Education is a big part of CrossFit. When you start, you are not expected to have the knowledge you need. But in order to continue progressing you'll need to work to educate oneself using all the tools available in our community.